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Dust-Free Interior Demolition

 Fugitive Dust Nuisance

When facility occupants are subject to dust from construction zones, people complain about not feeling well, Productivity suffers. Computers and electronic equipment are easily damaged and HVAC units are contaminated spreading dust throughout the facility.

Keers has a solution to this problem


Dust Control Planning

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Dust Control begins with a plan, and ends with engineering controls to guarantee that dust is not only contained within the work area, but is trapped and filtered there.

Keers has been in the business of controlling "toxic" dusts for 30 years. Our technology works equally well for "non-toxic" dust control.

Our experienced service coordinators can meet with you at your facility and create the dust-control plan you need to protect your people and facilities. Then controlled demolition and construction can commence "dust-free". Working from our own checklist, here is a sample of some of the things we will be looking at:

Negative Air Machine

· Meet and coordinate with your General Contractor and/or facility staff to understand your

   renovation and demolition plans. 

· Isolation of HVAC system.

· Temporary partitions between construction and non-construction areas.

· Critical taped-in-place plastic barriers over openings.

· Identification and protection of equipment furnishings in construction areas that will remain

  operational or can't be relocated. 

· Secure the work area and post warning signs to keep people out.

· Use of HEPA filtration machines within the work area, to create a negative pressure

   environment in which dust cannot escape.

Dust-Free Controlled Demolition


Keers trained crews are experts in careful and controlled demolition, deconstruction of building components and systems. Working within a controlled and filtered work zone, these necessary activities are accomplished "dust-free". Dust-Free Guaranteed!